How to attach your sticker

Thanks for purchasing a vinyl sticker from our Etsy store. We’ve created this page to give you some tips on how to best attach your sticker.

Before you Start

Ensure that the surface you are going to apply the sticker too is clean, free of dust and most importantly dry. If there is any dust present you’ll end up with bubbles under the sticker that you can’t remove!

Unless otherwise noted your sticker will have been supplied without the transfer sheet attached, this is to ensure that the transfer sheet doesn’t get permanently stuck to your sticker during shipping.

Important – If you asked us to supply your sticker direct from the cutting machine without removing the excess vinyl you’ll need to remove this using your favourite weeding tools before continuing!

Step 1: Place the Transfer Sheet on to your sticker

Peel the back off the transfer sheet and place it carefully – sticky side down – over your sticker. For large stickers we recommend that you bend the transfer sheet slightly in half and place it in the centre of the sticker, slowly allow the transfer sheet to attach itself to the sticker from the middle towards the ends being careful not to trap bubbles.

Step 2: Transfer the Sticker to the Transfer Sheet

Turn the sticker and transfer sheet over, then using a credit card or similar blunt edge press firmly down onto the back of the sticker and slowly move over the design ensuring that all parts are stuck down firmly. This will take several minutes and you should go over the entire sticker several times.

Important: If your sticker has small parts / intricate design carefully push down hard on these parts to ensure they have adhered to the transfer sheet correctly.

Step 3: Remove the Backing Paper

Carefully select one edge of your sticker and begin to peel the backing paper off of the transfer paper.

Moving slowly pull the backing paper away ensuring that the sticker remains attached to the transfer paper. If you notice that the sticker is not sticking to the paper, carefully replace the paper on the transfer paper and push down firmly.

Tip: For best results roll the backing paper off the transfer sheet and sticker, pressing down firmly as you roll the backing paper towards you!

Step 4: Place the Sticker in place

Ensuring the area it is to be placed is clean and dry. Line up your sticker and allow it to adhere. To avoid air bubbles follow one of the tips below;

For Large Designs: Start in one corner and slowly allow the transfer tape to adhere to the surface, using a credit card press down as the sticker adheres ensuring that air bubbles do not become trapped between the sticker and the surface.

For Small Designs & Text: Either follow the same as above or use the same technique that was used for attaching the transfer paper to the sticker.

Step 5: Adhering the Sticker

Using a credit card, repeatedly move over the transfer paper pressing down firmly paying particular attention to edges and intricate parts of your design.

Step 6: Removing the Transfer Paper

Starting from one side, slowly roll back the transfer sheet ensuring that the sticker remains attached to the surface. Take special care when you reach the edge or a thin / delicate part of your sticker. If the sticker is not adhering – stop pulling immediately and press the sticker down firmly.

Some additional tips & important points

The Vinyl sticker is waterproof but shouldn’t be exposed to dish washers, washing machines or hard scrubbing. We also don’t recommend getting the design wet for the first day or two.

If you have trapped air bubbles you can try removing them using a credit card and slowly pushing the bubble towards the edge of the sticker. Small bubbles may shrink if you place the sticker in the sun on a hot day.