Pascal explanation sign

You’ve probably heard of Hidden Mickey’s but did you know the Imagineers also included a fun little challenge that you can play in Fantasyland? Located in the area surrounding the Tangled Bathrooms you can find ten friends of Pascal the chameleon hiding amongst the scenery. They’re incredibly difficult to spot as being chameleons they change colour to match their surroundings.

Nevertheless, Fiona and I managed to find all ten so if you’re struggling to find them or want some hints at their locations read on.

We recommend starting from the sign explaining the challenge which was itself a challenge to find. You’ll want to head into the table area located opposite from the Tangled Bathrooms between the two paths. You’ll also find some handy charging points in here as well which we never knew existed. If you follow the path all the way in you’ll come to a dead-end with the sign explaining the challenge.

Top Tip: This area is used for stroller parking as the day goes on, so we’d suggest going early morning otherwise you’ll have to climb over strollers to spot some of them!

Pascal hiding on flower box

Underneath the middle flower box on the wall of Memento Mori.

You’ll spot this little guy if you stand near the sign explaining about the game, at the rest area with the charging points and look directly at the bottom left post of the middle window flower box on the wall opposite you.

Directly opposite the sign post explaining the game you’ll see a giant boulder (roughly below the window box where number one is located) – look to the right of the boulder and you’ll see a brownish coloured chameleon staring back at you.

In the rocks near the small bridge at the entrance to Memento Mori.

Look downstream towards the bridge (left if you’re facing the sign), on the opposite bank you’ll spot a greenish-yellow guy popping his head out from the rocks.

Sticking with the same bridge as number three, look on the opposite bank and you’ll spot a little green guy staring back at you.

Located on the top of one of the lamp posts within the charging area – this little guy is possibly the easiest one to find.

Head over to the Tangled Bathrooms, in one of the window boxes you’ll spot a green chameleon hiding amongst the flowers.

This little guy is a hard one – especially when the strollers are in the way! You’ll want to head along the path that takes you towards the entrance to the Haunted Mansion, when you come to the little bridge over the stream look down and to your right and you’ll spot this guy on the rock.

Stay where you were for number seven and look further down the stream, on the left bank you’ll be able to see a small head popping out from behind a rock (we couldn’t get a better angle with all the strollers around so this guys maybe easier to see from elsewhere).

Head further along the path that takes you towards the entrance to the Haunted Mansion where you’ll find the next greyish coloured chameleon located on the top of the post on one of the corners of the Haunted Mansion Shop (Memento Mori) pretty much right after you cross the bridge where seven and eight were.

Blending in perfectly with the tree you can find this little guy on a tree near to where you found number nine.