Walt Disney World is full of Instagram friendly walls, with most having their own hashtags and tens of thousands of posts, here are some of our favourite walls of Disney and where you can find them.

The Purple Wall

Probably the most famous of the Disney walls is located within the Magic Kingdom and found to the right of the main entrance bridge leading to Tomorrowland. As you cross over the bridge, head to the left behind the rocks and you’ll come across the Purple Wall.

Fiona standing in front of Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom Purple Wall
Purple Wall at the Magic Kingdom

The Bubblegum Wall

Probably the second most famous of the Disney walls is located at EPCOT just outside the ride exit area for Spaceship Earth.

Fiona at the Bubblegum Wall

The Blueberry Wall

Next to the Bubblegum Wall is the Blueberry Wall, it’s located on the support wall that forms the sign for Project Tomorrow at the exit of Spaceship Earth.

Alistair standing in front of the Blueberry Wall
Alistair at the Blueberry Wall

The Toothpaste Wall

Also located at EPCOT, head over to the Living Seas Pavilion and you’ll spot what’s became commonly known as the Toothpaste Wall outside of the queue for the Nemo & Friends ride.

Fiona and Alistair standing in front of the Toothpaste Wall at EPCOT.
Fiona & Alistair at the Toothpaste Wall

The Muppets Wall

Located at Hollywood Studios next to the shop for the Muppets Show is the Muppets Wall.

Alistair & Fiona standing in front of the Muppets Wall at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Alistair & Fiona at the Muppets Wall

You are Most Beautiful Wall

This ones quickly became an Instagram hit and is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Head into Harambe Market, at the back left corner of the market you’ll see a cast member only exit where this wall is located.

Fichwa Fellow Wall

Also inside Animal Kingdom is the Fichwa Fellow wall which can be spotted outside and to the left of the entrance of Harambe Market.

Fiona in front of the Fichwa Fellow wall.

Fiona at the Fichwa! Fellow wall.

Fichwa actually means hidden in Swahili so it’s also technically a hidden mickey!

Bonus Walls of Festival of the Arts

You’ll also find sneaky photo opportunities randomly around EPCOT on construction walls during the various festivals!